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Product Design

Not everything has to do with an interface. Great ideas often need to be fleshed out and imagined through the eyes of potential customers. 

Are all of your features relevant to your customers? 

Are you missing a feature that makes everything fit right?

How will customers interact with your product?

What will customers imagine when they think of your brand?

There are so many great ideas, but you can't develop them all.  

The Insight Company can flesh them out for you, so you can see which are worth developing further.


This amazing company places high resolution cameras on all sides of a vehicle, to capture traffic events as they happen. It includes an 'in car' system, a citation creation back end system, and a fleet monitoring platform at the station. 

Information Design

This system had to enable its users a one glance understanding of a massive amount of information. We designed the system to be able to layer every element on top of the others depending on which is most needed at the time. This way, users can view a specific cars camera while monitoring the rest of the fleet at the same time. 

Using Contrast

When keeping track of a large number of independent variables, it's important not to overload the brain. We had to show everything, but made sure to keep only the important things highlighted. We did this using contrast and color coding. This way, problems could be picked up on immediately while the rest ran comfortably in the background. 


An augmented reality company, recently sold for 40 million dollars. Cimagine developed a mobile viewer that allows users to place appliances and furniture in their house virtually. This way they will know what to expect when it arrives. 

Thousands of Products

The Cimagine retail system was designed to help customers manage their 3D designs and upload new ones. The problem was that most customers are large retailers with many thousands of products on display. This required a smart and quick filtering system that allowed any user to find and select any product of group of products within 60 seconds. 

Progress Bars

As retailers submitted products to be modeled in 3D, they needed a way to properly follow the design process as it goes through the different steps. All the while, still being able to fill in and edit the many details required to make their product sell. For this we designed a card system for new products. Simply click to flip the card around and view a products progress down the pipeline. 

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