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Thought Leads to Questions. 

Answers Lead to Quality.

Challenge your assumptions. Question everything. Learn as you run. Test as you build. Automate in a way that makes sense.


Building the right team is  the hardest part of getting quality right.  A start-up's needs are not like an enterprise's. You need the right mix of domain experts, experienced quality drivers and energetic bug hunters.

While building from scratch is hard, transforming existing teams is really tricky. Whose skills need updating? How does the quality team change into embedded quality agents? What's the best way to integrate test automators into the teams?

An experienced guide to help conceptualize, plan and perform these changes, tailored to your project and circumstances.


Moving from manual testing to automation is exciting. It requires change not only from the testing team, but from developers, product managers and the business side of the organization.
Automation can't think, naturally. It must therefore be pre-loaded with thought and data so that when it fails we are sure we've found a bug.
Of course, automation doesn't get bored or tired. This means we can up our coverage of different cases.
To make the most out of it, the way we think about testing needs to change, so that it is optimized for automation rather than manual testing.
It is also important to know what cannot be automated, and still needs manual testing.

A master consultant to help develop and lead the practical and cultural changes needed for successful test automation.


Sometimes, our quality process needs a change. It can be part of a transformation to agile, a response to a quality problem or just moving with the times.
When we make a change, it's important to get it right, and to preserve the team's trust in management and everyone's trust in the team.
Industry frameworks and best practices are important, as is shaping them to your own needs and culture.
Training, mentorship, teamwork and a sense of humour are important to get the new process right, and the transition to it as easy as possible.

A trusted expert in quality processes to help plan and run modern testing practices custom made for your organization.

Quality Team
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