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Do You Have an Amazing Idea?

We take amazing ideas and bring them to life. 

Before spending a ton of money running away with the coding, it's best to start by getting the design right. At The Insight Company we are expert product designers, and will help you fully flesh out the idea, its audience, interface and experience.


This way you can fully assess what it is you want to develop, if at all, and the coders will have a complete plan to work off of, saving coding hours and lots off the price. 

Here are the Steps


You Talk, We Listen

We need to get to know you. What are you building, what pain you are solving,  and how you plan to do it? We will pick your ideas apart, challenge them, and add to them, until we know exactly what we are building. 



Find Your Customers

Once we know what you want to build, it is time to find out how it will be received. We will find your future customers, get into their brain, learn what they want and what scares them, and map it all out. 



Brainstorm the Features

No doubt, you have a million features and extensions for your ideas. That's great for the future, but we first have to figure out how to build the first steps. Together we can decide which features stay in, and which we tee up for the future. 



Build the Infrastructure

Once we have all the information, we get to work designing the product. We block out the features, buttons, pages, and logic. We talk about tone, colors, and technical restrictions. Once you're happy, it's time to start designing the interface. 



Design the Interface & Experience

We will build a fully graphic wireframe design for you to work with. You will get a grand tour of your idea, what it will look like, how it will behave, and what your' customers will experience every step of the way. 



In the End

By the end of the process, you will have everything you need to start development. You will know your customers, understand their psychology, and have a full wireframe and graphic design ready to move on to development. 

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