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A Behavioral Insights Company

We bring the science of Behavioral Economics, Game Design, and Neuroscience to your company and products

What We Can Do for You
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"What I like about The Insight Company is that I just ask and things get done." 

Matthias Schiller

Head of Marketing & Sales

Schindler Ltd.

"The Insight Company made us a friendly and accessible product with imaginative solutions to difficult problems."  

Meital Shuker

Project Manager, IT

Cal Cargo Ltd

"User Experience design in augmented and virtual reality isn't easy. The Insight Company do it at a very high and professional level. We're happy to work with them."  

Roee Kit


Dreams & Magic Ltd


Put simply, a Behavioral Insights Team studies a process, uses the behavioral sciences (from behavioral economics to game design) to create a better solution, and then implements and tests that solution for better results. This process might be helpful in different ways: 

1. A Single Target
If you have a specific problem to solve, let the behavioral scientists have a crack at it. Using this approach we've designed cafeteria that nudge customers to eat healthier, forms that aren't a pain to fill in, cyber security AI systems, and more.

2. Strategy or Product Design

Adopt the customer first approach, and design your products, interfaces, and even product strategy with your customer's experience in mind. 

3. An In-House Nudge Unit

We have a ton of science and a stack of use cases to show you. Small nudges that cost little and save a lot are the bread and butter of behavioral science. Let us come in, take a look, and we can be your organization's personal behavioral coach. Offering constant improvements, and a stream of testing data to demonstrate what works and what can be improved. 

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Bringing ideas to life is no easy task, and often we have more ideas than we know what to do with. 

Before moving forward with an expensive development process, you need to first flesh out your product on paper. You need to know what it will look like in the real world, and how your customers will interact with it. 

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