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User Experience

Also known as UI/UX, this field is all about controlling the way customers interact with your products. It includes every part of the experience, from landing page (or box opening) to payment.  

Is your product sending the right message?

Is it easy to navigate or use?

Do customers know exactly where they need to go?

Or what they need to do?

There are so many great ideas, but you can't develop them all.  

The Insight Comapny can flesh them out for you, so you can see which are worth developing further.


A clever app that knows what you want before you want it, or rather, what you will like, before you like it. For this algorithm  to work, we had to get users to check in a few times a day at least. 

How to Choose

The biggest hurdle in designing whatudu was the question of hierarchy. What shows up before what on the list? Do users want to view events by distance from their location, when they begin, or by how much we predict they will like them? Whatever the choice, changing from one view to another had to be as simple as possible. 

Just drop us an email. It's as simple as that. 


A deep learning system, designed to find errors in system logs. But mainly, a design that conveys a lot of information in one glance.  It's a back end system for professionals, so it's a little hard to grasp to us regular folk.

No Clutter

The massive amount of information that needed to be conveyed meant we had to clear out all the clutter. a simple view where only the most important parts are on display, and color coded.  

Behavioral Design isn't limited only to the online world

We design physical products as well


In the world of product licencing, a proper, B2B showroom is key. Everything must be integrated into a smooth transition from product to product. 

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