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Behavioral science has long demonstrated the human response to game mechanics. We simply love to adopt a social set of rules, and then work tirelessly to master them. Game dynamics keep customers satisfied, engaged, and coming back.

Do your customers want to complete the tasks you give them?

Are you motivating them to reach their goals?

Are they receiving positive reinforcement for a job well done ?

Do they want to come back?

There are so many great ideas, but you can't develop them all.  

The Insight Company can flesh them out for you, so you can see which are worth developing further.

Augmented Reality Game

This is a design we made for a major company that wanted to create an augmented reality game for their product. The game needed to be fun to play, but had to also create an incentive to interact with their product. 

Creating Rank

Gamification of non-game products usually includes an element of rank. We want our users to compare themselves with others, and seek to rank higher. In the world of the game, we created an incentive that can easily be noticed by the clothes and gear a player is equipped with. This way other users can instantly see how far that player has progressed in the game. 

Navigating with Purpose

Navigation is another place we can insert game dynamics. Though we often see navigation as a purely functional element of our product or website, it can often be used to add incentives for users to continue interacting with a product, or nudge them to prefer one choice over another. 


A architectural design company that specializes in green construction techniques. They align the house to maximize sunlight, and play with the height of the ceiling and  width of the walls to control the temperature. All in all an amazing group. 

Boring Made Exciting

One of the hardest elements of a website is often the sign up form. It drains us from our excitement and, if too long, makes us forget why we are signing up in the first place. Gamifying a form is the art of making the form itself get people excited. In the case of Ecoweaver, making them imagine the house they want to build. 

Behavioral Design isn't limited only to the online world

We design physical products as well

Graphic Design

In addition to everything else, The Insight Company also has an amazing graphic design team. You can see some of their work in our products, and some more in our Behavioral Design videos linked above. Here are a few examples.

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